We hope you are hungry! Ellen Bennett, of Hedley & Bennett, and Gaby Dalkin, of What’s Gaby Cooking take us on a food-filled adventure to some of their favorite restaurants in Santa Monica. By bike, bus, and foot, you’ll get to experience some of their must-have dishes and learn pro-tips on what to order and most importantly, how to get there stress-free and ready to eat.

Ready to take on this food-filled adventure? Check out where Ellen and Gaby take us to and try it with a few friends. Remember to share photos of your tryathlon on social media using #GoSaMo to win some sweet GoSaMo swag like free shirts and buttons.

For a little inspiration, watch this Snapchat story of their GoSaMo tryathlon in action.

Starting Point: Expo/Bundy Station

This is a great meeting spot for us because Ellen made her way from Downtown LA and Gaby lives on the Westside.

Time to next stop: 1 minute by train (comes every 12 minutes)

Stop #1: Bergamot Station

This station is centrally located next to tons of restaurants, offices, and a buzzing arts gallery. Bonus: there’s a Breeze Bike Station on site so you can easily hop on a bike to your next spot like we did.

Time to next stop: 4 minutes by bike or 12 minutes by foot

Stop #2: Tacos Puntas Cabras

Cash-only, counter-serve Mexican eatery with a chalkboard menu of street eats and a no-frills setting. Wash down the spice with your pick of horchata, Mexican coke, or a fresh coconut.

Time to next stop: 6 minutes by bike

Stop #3: Wexler’s Deli

Compact old-school, new-wave deli, Wexler’s offers bagels and sandwiches filled with house-cured meats and fish. Chef Micah’s go-to is always the lox--the ratio of bagel, to cream cheese, to veggies, to lox is flawless…. LITERALLY.

Time to next stop: 11 minutes by foot

Stop #4: Huckleberry Cafe

Fans are always lined up for this shop’s sweets and breakfast treats, but don’t fret, they give you bite-sized snacks while waiting and help with finding you a table. The salted caramel bars are to die for! (They were closed on Sunday when we went so make sure to check their store hours.)

Time to next stop: Less than 1 minute by foot

Stop #5: Santa Monica Seafood

No-frills spot offering a wide variety of fresh fish and shellfish. We got a really beautiful plate of oysters and some fish and chips. Yum!

Time to next stop: 2 minutes by foot

Stop #6: Rustic Canyon Wine Bar & Seasonal Kitchen

This seasonal kitchen serves some of the most delicious small plates you can find on the west side. Owned by the same folks as Huckleberry and Milo & Olive, everything is incredibly fresh. Even after a long day of eating, we still ordered seven dishes. We just couldn’t help ourselves!

Time to next stop: 22 minutes by bus or 11 minutes by rideshare

Final Stop: Expo/Bundy Station

From here, you can easily take the train east to Culver City or Downtown Los Angeles.

Have an idea for your own tryathlon? Download this worksheet to start creating your own GoSaMo adventure!