The GoSaMo TMO

Hi there! We’re the GoSaMo Transportation Management Organization (TMO). We work to reduce drive-alone trips by increasing the use of transit, carpooling, vanpooling, biking and walking in Santa Monica.

Have a transportation question or problem? Ask us! The TMO serves Santa Monica employers, property managers, schools, residents, and visitors to make getting around Santa Monica easier, safer and more sustainable.

Employers and ETC's

Need help getting your employees to work? Have questions about your city requirements? We offer free services to help!

Property Managers

Want help meeting transportation goals for the City or LEED requirements?

  • Onsite events to encourage sustainable transportation
  • Resources for your tenants
  • Opportunities to network and share ideas with other property managers


Stuck in traffic? We can help!

  • Personalized trip planning to help you get to work in Santa Monica
  • Overview of all your transportation options


Need help planning your trips around town? We can help you find the best way to the grocery store, errands and to work!

  • Public events
  • One-on-one assistance


  • Help you get from the beach to your hotel, shopping, restaurant and back!

Contact us to get started!

(310) 319 - 9866

1640 5th Street, Suite 227

Our Staff

Our staff are dedicated to helping people find the best way to travel to, from, and around Santa Monica. Look for us at community events, or reach out to us directly using the contact info below.

Puja Thomas-Patel image

Puja Thomas-Patel

Executive Director

Nathan Pope image

Nathan Pope

TDM Coordinator

Leo Martinez image

Leo Martinez

Outreach Coordinator