Here are a few fun ways to get involved whether you are an individual, business, or school:

TMO & Waze Carpool partner to provide $2 rides in Santa Monica!

From September 17th to November 17th, all rides to or from Santa Monica will be just $2 per rider, regardless of how long the trip is! Waze Carpool connects riders and drivers with nearly identical commutes based on their home and destination addresses. Commuters can choose to be driver and earn some gas money or a rider and pay a small rate to cover the costs of gas and vehicle wear and tear. 

Drive to Santa Monica? Make money.

  • Cover gas, and then some
  • Drivers commuting to or from Santa Monica and carpooling with Waze make an average of $5.60 per drive.
  • Sign up by downloading the Waze App and tapping the carpool button on the bottom right
  • Tip: Send multiple offers to riders to find the best match

Need a Ride? Pay only $2.

  • More affordable—and enjoyable
  • All Waze Carpool riders traveling to or from Santa Monica can ride for only $2. After Nov. 17, rides will cost less than $0.54/mile, and you’ll never pay more than $15.
  • Sign up by downloading the Waze Carpool App and following instructions to request your first ride
  • Tip: Schedule your carpool ahead of time for better matching

Download the Waze/Waze Carpool App to get started!
Click here for downloadable pdf!

Participate in #CarFreeFriday

Starting Friday, October 7, Santa Monica residents, workers, and businesses will kick off the very first #CarFreeFriday by giving our cars a day off and using sustainable ways to get to work, school, or even happy hour. By providing incentives, tips, and support for you to walk, bike, or bus once a week, we hope to make it easy and safe for you to make the shift to being car-free and carefree more often.

Ready to take on the challenge? Here is a toolkit that you can download to help you get ready for a car-free, carefree day. You can also follow along on social media using #GoSaMo and #CarFreeFriday to make sure you have all of the info you need to get going.

Please let us know if you're participating in #CarFreeFriday and reach out to if you are interested in receiving Car Free Friday posters and materials for your office, business, or school.

Put up a GoSaMo window sticker

Be a part of the local wayfinding program by helping customers and passersby navigate the closest Big Blue Bus stop, Expo Station, or Breeze Station. Think Yelp verified or health grade but for transportation.

You can pick up your sticker at the Santa Monica City Hall information booth or by mail after completing this form.

Go on a food, history, or culture tryathlon 

Check out what modern-day historian, Tom Carroll of Tom Explores Los Angeles, has to say about the Santa Monica Pier or what Ellen Bennett, the Apron Lady of Hedley & Bennett, dubs one of the best tacos on the Westside. These tryathlon guides are meant to inspire you to discover new places and to try getting to them in easy and fun ways. They're easy to use on the go so invite your friends and family, and get going on your tryathlon adventure!

Reach Out!

Have a transportation or sustainability related event coming up in Santa Monica? Email, and we’ll get this added to the list!