Rules of the Road

  • Must be 18+ if you’re renting an e-scooter, or 16+ if you own yours
  • Have a license – must have some form of valid ID
  • Wear a helmet at all times
  • Park respectfully – out of the way and upright
  • Ride on the street — not bike paths or sidewalks
  • Phones down – no texting
  • Make sure to obey all traffic signs and speed limits
  • Merge safely
  • Yield to all pedestrians, even at unmarked crosswalks
  • Make a complete stop at all stop signs
  • Ride in bike lanes or with traffic, not on the sidewalk or against traffic
  • Use hand signals when turning or merging into traffic
  • Walk bikes across crosswalks and on sidewalks
  • Wear a helmet
  • At signalized intersections, cross only when there is a “walk” signal
  • Make eye contact with people driving when crossing the street
  • Use designated crosswalks and, when available, flashing beacons at select crosswalks

Together, let’s create a safe—and friendly—Santa Monica for everyone

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