Welcome to Santa Monica, where more than half of residents walk and bike daily, a third of students walk to school, our community champions innovative projects that keep everyone safe and healthy. There are over 105,000 subscribers to Breeze Bike Share and the Regional Bike Share Connect System. And four companies (Bird, Jump, Lime, and Lyft) are currently permitted to collectively operate 3,500 e-scooters and 500 e-bikes in the City’s Shared Mobility Pilot Program.

However, 40% of residents still feel uncomfortable walking around the city, and some of our most vulnerable neighbors – kids and seniors especially – are more likely to be involved in serious collisions.

We must pay attention to one another and practice small acts of sincere kindness with everyone. Let’s wave thanks and hello. Let’s turn off all our distractions. Let’s build roundabouts, and use protected bike lanes. Let’s stay patient... and slow down.

Because one fatal or severe injury on our road is one too many.

These actions are simple choices we can all make, whether we live near a school or work Downtown. Together, we can create a Santa Monica we all love: a city where kindness is recognized and gratitude is expressed. One day, one street, one gesture at a time.

Take the Friendly Road.

Take the Friendly Road is an invitation to take practical steps to care for the wellbeing of everyone, especially when we’re out on the road. This initiative is part of our commitment to Vision Zero, a global movement to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. Together as a city, we all have a role to play in helping reach zero.

Ready to get started?

   - Read more about the three ways we are working together

   - Check out our safety tips, designed for all the ways you move.

   - Learn more about what the City of Santa Monica is doing to create the Friendly Road over at the Projects page, or read the Latest News.

   - If you have a child in school, take a look at our Safe Routes to School initiative.

Together, let’s create a safe—and friendly—Santa Monica for everyone

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