Our community believes in providing learning opportunities at every stage in life.

Desired outcomes: Learning, Economic Vibrancy, Community

Learn + Thrive Action Plan

Learn+ThriveStat Meeting Summary - Meeting #1

SMC2C (santamonicayouth.net) is focused on four main goals: increasing kindergarten readiness; strengthening youth connectedness and emotional health; engaging vulnerable youth and their families in supportive services; and improving college and career readiness.

Santa Monica Public Library Strategic Plan was approved by the City Council in December. After months of gathering community and stakeholder input, the plan’s key findings and recommendations are that the library (smpl.org) is a lifelong learning and community hub; that books are prized; that collaborative work spaces and improved technology are high priorities; that maker spaces and art exhibits are desired; and that partnerships with the tech community, schools and community organizations are vital.

Extended learning reaches all sectors of the community. Adults can roll up their sleeves and dive into hands-on crafts, art and cultural programs at the Camera Obscura Art Lab (smgov.net/camera). Activities include fine and applied arts classes, repair and upcycling workshops, working one-on-one with local artists, writing, cooking, dance, music and much more.