Minimum Wage Process

Over the course of eight months, City of Santa Monica staff worked with businesses, workers, advocacy groups, community members, and subject experts to hear concerns, conduct research, and recommend minimum wage law provisions to Santa Monica’s City Council.

Business, labor, and community members also participated in a Minimum Wage Working Group to review and recommend technical adjustments to the adopted ordinance. City Council adopted the amended ordinance on April 26, 2016. 

The presentations, discussions, and resources below show the collaboration and research that led up to Santa Monica’s minimum wage law. 

Working Group Meetings

Community Meetings

City Council Meetings

  • Second Reading and Adoption of the Minimum Wage Ordinance (May 10, 2016; Item 7.A.) Report | Minutes (Forthcoming) | Video
  • Modification to the Minimum Wage Ordinance First Reading (April 26, 2016; Item 7.C.) Report | Minutes | Video
  • Information Item on Minimum Wage Working Group Recommendations (March 30, 2016)  Report
  • Minimum Wage First Reading (January 12, 2016; Item 7C) Report | Minutes | Video
  • Information Item on Santa Monica’s Minimum Wage (December 16, 2015) Report
  • Minimum Wage First Reading (September 29, 2015; Item 7A) Report | Minutes | Video
  • Council discussion and direction (June 9, 2015; Item 13-3, @ 3:05) Minutes | Video
  • Information Item on the Los Angeles Minimum Wage (June 5, 2015) Report