Minimum Wage Enforcement & Support

Report a problem at your workplace. Find minimum wage advocacy organizations. 

Minimum Wage Enforcement

The City of Santa Monica is dedicated to enforcing our law's provisions, to ensure employees receive the benefits in the law and to ensure equal competition for law-abiding businesses.

Enforcement Agency

The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer & Business Affairs (DCBA) enforces Santa Monica's minimum wage law.  This means that:

  • Santa Monica’s workers have access to LA County’s dedicated wage enforcement unit. 
  • Workers can file a wage claim on the phone, online, or in person at any LA County Office.

Santa Monica's City Council designated LA County's DCBA as the City's enforcement agency in September 2016.  Read the report.  

Ask an Enforcement Question / File a Claim

The DCBA will not ask about or report on immigration status.  Complaints are anonymous.  All services are free.  

Minimum Wage Support & Advocacy

These organizations work on minimum wage issues in the greater Los Angeles area, and through two years of work with Santa Monica businesses and workers are familiar with Santa Monica's minimum wage law and the Santa Monica community.  

Restaurant Opportunities Center LA

Areas of focus

  • Restaurant wages and working conditions
  • Worker training
  • High-road employers

Website | Contacts


Areas of focus

  • Worker training & leadership development
  • Korean-owned business support
  • Employer education & training
  • Wage claims

Website | Contacts