In order to connect our desired outcomes to our day-to-day work, we identified five council priority areas, or Strategic Goals, that are expected to have short-term impact on community safety, quality of life, and prosperity.

Inclusive and Diverse Community

Santa Monica is committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse community by expanding affordable housing, raising workers’ incomes, and helping Santa Monica residents stay in their homes and build their community network.

Desired outcomes:  Community, Economic Vibrancy, Place & Planet, Health

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Inclusive + Diverse Community Action Plan

Inclusive + Diverse Community Stat Meeting Summary #2

The Airport

In 2014, Santa Monica voters overwhelmingly supported Measure Local Control (Measure LC) to prohibit new development on Airport land, except for parks, public open spaces and public recreational facilities without voter approval and to affirm the City Council's authority to manage Airport land. In 2017, the City Council reached a historic agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that allows the closure of SMO after December 31, 2028.

Desired outcomes: Place & Planet, Health, Community

Airport Action Plan