In August 2015, the Santa Monica City Council considered a host of possible policy and project initiatives and ultimately adopted five priorities that are expected to have the greatest affirmative effect on community safety, wellbeing, prosperity, quality of life and sustainability.

These are the five Strategic Goals that will inform the work of your city government over the coming years, as it continues to provide essential city services and programs.

Inclusive and Diverse Community

The focus of this goal is on maintaining an inclusive and diverse community, through efforts like increasing affordable housing, raising workers’ incomes, and helping Santa Monicans stay in their homes. With Santa Monica voters' approval of measures to increase funding for affordable housing, as well as the City Council’s dedication of additional funding, the City will invest in creating more affordable housing while piloting new programs to help maintain economic diversity in Santa Monica.

Inclusive and Diverse Community Projects

  • HOUSE pilot program: encourages more private apartments owners to accept housing vouchers (Economic Opportunity)
  • POD pilot program: provides rental assistance to long-term residents in rent-controlled apartments who are severely rent-burdened (Economic Opportunity)
  • Production and preservation of affordable housing (Economic Opportunity)
  • Increases in minimum wage and related employment requirements (Economic Opportunity)

The Airport

The city has owned Santa Monica Municipal Airport land since the 1920s. As its land owner, the city has the right to control the airport and we intend to assert that right. In 2014, Santa Monica voters overwhelmingly supported Measure Local Control (Measure LC) which, as the name indicates, gives greater local control over the airport land to the city.


For the more than 700 homeless individuals in Santa Monica and over 44,000 living in Los Angeles County, life is a yearround struggle. Santa Monica has long been a leader in providing resources and assistance to the most vulnerable members of society

Learn + Thrive

Lifelong learning has been a priority in Santa Monica for many years, shaped through the city’s collaboration with schools, service providers, residents and community leaders. Learn + Thrive will build upon the work already accomplished by the Santa Monica Cradle to Career Initiative (SMC2C), and through the wide range of cultural, art, educational and recreational classes, storytimes and workshops offered by the city’s Community and Cultural Services Department and our five-star public library system.