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In 1987, the New York City Police Department became the first municipal department to develop a comprehensive system of using data to drive decisions. Since then, many municipalities have developed performance management programs to use real-time data to make decisions which drive towards the achievements of key outcomes for residents.

In early 2017, the City of Santa Monica hired its first Chief Performance Officer, Tim Dodd, who is responsible for coordinating performance efforts across the organization. Since then, the City has been on the road to launch SaMoStat, the City's data-driven management system designed to monitor and improve the performance of city departments in real time—and using that data to drive performance.

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Framework for a Sustainable City of Wellbeing

Based on best practices from municipalities from across the country, Santa Monica is now using an approach to budgeting that connects the work of city departments to six outcomes that will create and maintain "A Sustainable City of Wellbeing." The City's framework is built around its long-term commitment to its Sustainable City Plan and infused with its new Wellbeing Project—Santa Monica’s custom measurement tool that provides an understanding of wellbeing in our community. The framework's six outcomes are being brought to life through SaMoStat, the City's performance management program that uses data to set and achieve goals, and ultimately drive performance.

Santa Monica's framework is developed around six key outcome areas:

Community: Foster a safe, connected and engaged community.

Place and Planet: Protect natural resources and cultivate an exceptional and resilient built environment.

Learning: Champion lifelong education achievement and opportunities for continuous personal growth.

Health: Nurture opportunities for enriched physical, social, and emotional health.

Economic Opportunity: Support community needs through a stable, vibrant and diverse local economy.

Governance: Cultivate a trustworthy and participatory local government through equitable, transparent, and effective processes.


The Office of Performance Management is in the business of making sure the City of Santa Monica has honest answers to these three questions:

What are we trying to do?

How well are we doing it?

How can we do it better?

The SaMoStat process answers these questions through an approach to leadership that utilizes data to drive performance. With assistance from the City Manager’s Office, each strategic goal team, and later each department, will develop metrics for each of their projects which connect back to one of the six framework outcome areas. Once goals and metrics are set, SaMoStat will be a routine process through which strategic goal teams and departments will report on the status of projects and activities. To accomplish all of these objectives, SaMoStat will capitalize on the following tenets of the stat approach to maximize the effectiveness of Santa Monica's government.


Tim Dodd
Chief Performance Manager

Appointed as the Chief Performance Officer in January of 2017, Tim is no stranger to performance management. Prior to his arrival in Santa Monica, Tim served as Director of Performance Management for the State of Massachusetts. Prior to that, he was Performance Manager at the City of Baltimore where he helped launch their performance management program. Additionally, Tim has held elected office in his home state of Massachusetts, and holds a Doctorate in Law and Policy from Northeastern University.

David Gardinier

David joined the performance management team as an intern in April of 2017 after being involved in government in Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles. He holds his B.A. in Sociology from Seattle Pacific University and is currently pursuing two master's degrees in public administration and urban planning from the University of Southern California.

Julian Cernuda

Julian joined the Performance Management team as an intern in April of 2017. He received his B.A. degrees in political science and Spanish from Wabash College in Indiana. Julian previously worked with nonprofits and for-profit organizations, and collaborated with elected officials and government offices to help implement the Affordable Care Act in Charlotte, NC. Julian is currently a City and County Management Fellow, and is pursuing his Master in Public Administration at the University of Southern California’s Price School of Public Policy.

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For more information on City of Santa Monica's SaMoStat program, download this brochure.

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