City of Santa Monica Office of Performance Management


The Office of Performance Management is in the business of making sure the City of Santa Monica answers three questions:

  1. What are we trying to do?
  2. How well are we doing it? 
  3. How can we do it better? 

The SaMoStat process answers these questions through an approach to leadership that utilizes data to drive performance. With assistance from the City Manager’s Office, each strategic goal team, and later each department, will develop metrics for each of their projects which connect back to one of the seven Framework outcome areas. Once goals and metrics are set, SaMoStat will be a routine process through which strategic goal teams and departments will report on the status of projects and activities. To accomplish all of these objectives, SaMoStat will capitalize on the following tenets of the stat approach in our regularly scheculed SaMoStat meetings to maximize the effectiveness of Santa Monica's government:

SaMoStat Meeting Notes

Stay up-to-date with the key issues in Santa Monica by reading the notes from the SaMoStat meetings below:

SaMoStat - Homelessness

SaMoStat - Inclusive + Diverse Community

SaMoStat - Learn + Thrive

SaMoStat - Mobility