City of Santa Monica Office of Performance Management

Framework for a Sustainable City of Wellbeing

Over the course of Fiscal Year 2017-2018, the City of Santa Monica restructured its biennial budget as a Framework, connecting key departmental goals and activities to seven outcome areas, drawn from the Sustainable City Plan and the Wellbeing Index.  This work connected purpose and function, organizing the day-to-day work of departments around achieving key outcomes (see wheel image below.)  This work resulted in production of this document that guides us forward.

The City worked with departments to create metrics  for routine departmental activities.  These metrics assess performance against the outcome areas, revealing whether, and to what extent, they are being achieved.  This performance data provides close-to-real time information that City officials and department personnel can use to make effective management decisions, and find and fix problems in a timely manner.  The City is pleased to release this enhanced version of this Framework, which provides clarity and direction by further defining the high-level outcomes the City hopes to achieve.  In each of seven outcome areas, the Framework includes sub-outcomes (pictured in the summar document below) and outcome metrics.

Click on the booklet image above to access the complete Framework. The graphic below shows the structure of Framework pages: