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Santa Monica's Five Strategic Goals


Santa Monica has defined a new model of mobility that includes a wide range of options—Expo Light Rail, Breeze bike share, direct bus routes with real-time information, car share, expanded shared-ride services, and safer walking and biking.

Inclusive + Diverse

Santa Monica is committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse community by expanding affordable housing, raising workers’ incomes, and helping Santa Monica residents stay in their homes and build their community network.


For 700 homeless individuals in Santa Monica and over 44,000 living in Los Angeles County, life is a constant struggle. Santa Monica is taking a leadership role in providing resources and assistance to the most vulnerable members of community.

Learn + Thrive

Our community believes in providing learning opportunities at every stage in life.

The Airport

In 2017, the City Council reached a historic agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that allows the closure of SMO after December 31, 2028.